Florida Home Insurance

In Florida home insurance is much easier to obtain than it was 8-10 years ago, but getting coverage should not be taken for granted. Many companies in Florida are not eager to insure older homes, homes close to the water or homes with prior claims. These properties are often insurable with appropriate inspections, but the home owner will pay higher rates. Home insurance carriers will give substantial discounts for homes with roofs built after 2001 and homes with hip roofs. Home policies will include separate deductibles for hurricane and non-hurricane losses.

Homeowners Insurance (HO-3, HO-6, DP-3)  
Single family homes that are owner occupied should be written on the HO-3 form. If a home is seasonally occupied this should be noted. It will depend on the number of months of vacancy and/or the the number of months between visits to the home to determine if there there are extra requirements such as monitored alarms or community security measures to qualify for the policy. Many insurance companies will charge extra for this type of occupancy.

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